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John Storm is called in by concerned: Egyptian, UNESCO and US agencies, to survey the sunken Mediterranean city of Thonis-Heracleion, in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria, when he discovers that a tomb recently plundered contained a mummy that is a likely DNA match for the long lost Egyptian Pharaoh Queen.

Cleopatra's tomb lay lost for centuries. Then a shift in the tectonic plates triggered a tremor off the coast of Alexandria, revealing clues to a team of geneticists and archaeologists led by Rudolf Kiesler, descendant of a Nazi scientist who escaped to Brazil as World War Two closed in on Adolf Hitler's evil empire.

Storm had previously discovered disturbing technology on the banks of the river Amazon, at Kiesler's HQ, that enhances humans using cloning technology perfected by an Italian scientist - that also enables digital replication. It becomes clear that the occultist sect are attempting to reincarnate Cleopatra IV, with unimaginable consequences for mankind, if the technology gets into the wrong hands.








John Storm uses a map to find buried pirate treasure in the Caribbean islands




John Storm is surveying the sunken Caribbean city of Port Royal with the Elizabeth Swann, when he discovers a map containing a long lost pirate code, belonging to the buccaneer, Captain Henry Morgan.


In London, England, Lord Huntington learns of this, and realizes the find could help him decode a parchment handed down through generations of his family, as to a map, that once belonged to Blackbeard, telling the whereabouts of the buried treasure that remained undiscovered on Skeleton Island.


Unfortunately for the adventurers, they are not the only ones after the treasure, or the secret to the Swann's speed and AI.





When we turn 30, we start to lose muscle mass – as much as 3 to 5 per cent per decade – while our metabolism simultaneously begins slowing down. Regular exercise or strength training can work to counteract this and help to keep age-related weight gain at bay. Turning back the clock. Our hero, John Storm, was turned into a superhuman while experimenting with genetic altering equipment developed by an Occultist sect of a New World Order: The Fourth Reich.







John Storm rescues a wounded humpback whale





Helplessly trapped in discarded fishing gear, Kulo-Luna is a humpback whale that is not long for this world, her wound tainting the water with blood that is a calling card to all sharks in her location. Before he can rescue the injured mammal from fish netting, John Storm has to take on four hungry sharks. That turns out to be the start of our hero's problems, with pirates chasing after him for the technology that drives his ship, the Elizabeth Swann.


Terry Valeriano is the health and personal fitness specialist, helping us to develop our adventurous ocean explorer series. He is the model for a series of graphic novels under development. His first modelling assignment.








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