Well being is coming to terms with yourself and surroundings, and coping well - or taking the bull by the horns. Work can be stressful. Take care of your finances, before they bring you down. Breathing deeply and just hanging from a bar are both relaxing.




Good mental wellbeing doesn't mean you're always happy or unaffected by your experiences. But poor mental wellbeing can make it more difficult to cope with daily life and modern financial pressures, unless you are retired with all your direct debits in place.


Stress can cause physical side effects. If you're under a lot of pressure, you may start to feel overwhelmed or out of control. There are lots of things we can try to improve our wellbeing. You might find it helpful to:

Find ways to relax - If there's something that helps you relax, try to find time to fit it into your day. This could be going for a walk in a field or by the seaside (if you are lucky). Both are calming and remind us that we live on a beautiful planet, even when it is raining or snowing.


Take a break - If you're feeling overwhelmed by a stressful situation, take a short break.

Make something - Doing something creative can help distract you from difficult thoughts or feelings, or help to process them. It can be very rewarding to make something: a drawing, a cake, carving wood.

Join a class or group - Learning a new skill in a group can be enjoyable, and help boost your confidence.

Try online learning - Online learning is a good option if it's difficult to get out and about or you're short on time. 





Tech-free time - If you find that being on your computer or phone a lot is making you feel more busy and stressed, turn them off for a while. They will bombard you with advertising, for things you don't want or need.

Time with animals - Lots of people find that being with animals is calming and enjoyable.

Volunteering - Using your time to help others can give you a sense of purpose, help you meet people and boost your self-esteem.

Think about your diet - Try to eat regular meals and have a balanced diet, as this can help your mood and energy levels. 

Look after yourself - Basic self-care, like brushing your teeth or having a shower, is important for your physical health and can help you feel better.

Sleeping Well - We need sleep to allow our bodies to repair. Sleep deprivation can become a problem if you let it. Establish a routine, to help set a regular sleeping pattern. A comfortable sleeping environment will improve your sleep. You might sleep better with a low light on, or with different bedding. After a really good night's sleep, things look different.









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